Round 4 and Round 3


Round 4
The wild weather on Saturday May 21 wreaked havoc through the whole of the City and Noranda was no exception. Many sporting associations around the Perth Metro area cancelled their game schedules for the day and I'm sure the main consideration for this decision was your childs safety.

With this in mind, Noranda have made the decision that all matches originally fixtured for May 21, 2016, will be deemed to be abandoned and no points will be allocated to any teams from this round. This includes games already played that were originally scheduled for May 21.

Please don't get huffy at Noranda, it was a judgement call. All decisions surrounding this call have had all outcomes considered prior to a final decision being made. Remember, everyone working on the Noranda Committee are volunteers and only have the best interests of the community at heart.

Looking for New Players
Would you all please do a call out to friends who have children turning 11-13yrs in 2016, that may be interested in playing for our club. We need one more player who can make up the numbers in one of our Junior AM teams.

If you do know of someone, please let Marisa know on 0405 265 859 or email Jenny at Thanks heaps :-)

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100 Games
Shooters would like to congratulate Sarah Mc for reaching her 100 game milestone. You will see in her story below that Sarah has been with the club for some time now and has reached this goal at such a young age. We are proud of you Sarah, well done. xxx

Wins and Losses
Round 3 was a successful day for Shooters with 4 wins, 1 draw and 3 no wins. This is our best day so far this season. The wins have been shared around by all teams through the club which is how we roll. Well done to all.

If you would like to view the fixtures and ladders, go to the News item below: 2016 Fixtures Are Up, for instructions on where to go and what to do.

The Storage Shed
How many of you have noticed the painted brick shed at the end of the courts on Kingfisher Oval?

That is a shed that was built by the City of Swan as a storage facility for our equipment. At some stage we may have to share, but until then Shooters have exclusive use.

The graffiti bug hit the shed a couple of weeks ago and thanks to the prompt work from the City of Swan, it has been removed and looks much better.

Can we ask, if you see someone damaging this shed in anyway, or you notice damage of any description in the surrounding area, can you please make a phone call to the City of Swan on 9267 9267 to report the damage.

Please do not put yourself in harm's way, the Committee value your safety most.

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