Round 2 Catchup


Round 2
2 wins, 2 draws and 4 no wins, that is how the cookie crumbled for our Shooters teams on Saturday May 7, 2016.

There was some breath taking displays of fluid team work on court by Shooters 1, which is what you would expect in our senior A1 team, but it was so beautiful to watch. If you have a chance, pop down to see the high level of performance shown by these girls, they, and their opponents, are "pretty good"!

Cheeky little gift
You may have seen the new teams on the block at Noranda called the Hurricanes. Casey (former Shooter) wanted to change direction for herself and her netball and has added two teams to the Saturday competition.

Many of the players are former Shooters members, and that is fine. All clubs have members come and go and no matter the reason for the decisions made, the important thing is that the girls are still playing netball.

As a parting cheeky gift to Casey's mum (Di, founder of Shooters), the committee had one of our very talented members, Michelle Cole, make a Shooters inspired and coloured throw rug. So on the chilly day's courtside, Di may be dressed in Hurricanes colours, but will always be warmed by Shooters. :-)

Rangers skill clinic Noranda
Noranda is hosting the Rangers Fun Day - Junior Skill Day on Sunday May 29, 2016, where you can learn new skills, improve your knowledge of the game and most importantly... have fun! (hmm, that sounds like our mission statement).

The day will focus on 10 - 13 year olds and will cost $15. If you don't have a form to register for the course, email Jenny at or go to the office at Noranda on Saturdays.

Club cleanup roster 2016
Our next cleanup rostered day is Saturday July 2. This date will be added to our calendar of events as a reminder for us all.

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